Customer Success Manager / e-Commerce MacGyver

London, Great Britain / Helsinki, Finland is a fast-growing company helping businesses to sell more online. We recognize the indecisive visitors on a webstore and target them with the right to turn them into customers. We’re looking for talent with extraordinary drive to grow and do great things with a great team.

You are your customers’ best friend. They feel comfortable telling you their goals, worries and fears in life and in business. Sometimes they might tell you too much, like the things they like to do with an ice-cream cone, a glue-gun and a pair or old socks, but that’s okay.  You love to listen and you understand.

You create solutions, you know what’s best for your customers. That means you know every detail of our product better than a teenage girl can recite One Direction songs and you come up with genius ways to use it for your customer’s benefit. Basically, you’re the the MacGyver of e-commerce, except instead of a Swiss army knife, you rely on a kick-ass software. Needless to say, you’re eager to conquer the world, so a little traveling is nothing but a great way to explore your empire to be.

As a Customer Success Manager at you get to:

  • Develop, manage and be that best friend to our top customers
  • Provide support, best practices, new ideas and data insights to create value for our customers
  • Improve product adaptation, i.e. make sure that our product and our customers’ needs go together like cookies and jam
  • Develop our sales & marketing by building material from your insights, best practices and epic winning experiences
  • Develop vertical business expertise (e.g. e-commerce, banking & finance, auto industry)
  • Travel to cool cities (they might be somewhere warm as well)
  • Be an irreplaceable part of a team hungry to conquer the world

To be successful at your job, you’d need to have:

  • Sales-driven mindset, preferably strong track record in sales and/or account management
  • Proven project management skills
  • Wizard-like skills in Excel and with numbers in general
  • Basic skills in Photoshop / Pixelmator / other graphics editor software
  • Basic understanding of Javascript, CSS & HTML
  • Fluency in written and spoken English (other languages are a plus)

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